Explore DJ Antonio C's Exclusive Services

Beyond the beats and music, DJ Antonio C offers an array of additional services to enhance your event's atmosphere.

DJ - MC Service

Get ready for a unique bilingual DJ show where the DJ himself takes on the role of MC, delivering a seamless blend of music and entertainment across all genres. It's a dynamic experience you won't want to miss!

DJ Equipment Rental

Enhance your event with our custom DJ equipment rental service. We offer high-quality sound, lighting, and equipment to ensure your event's success

Cold Fireworks Rental

Add sparkle to your event with our Cold Fireworks rental. These stunning effects deliver a mesmerizing visual display without real fire, ensuring safety while creating an enchanting atmosphere. Perfect for weddings, concerts, and more.

DJ Service with Karaoke

Amplify the fun at your event with our DJ Service with Karaoke. We offer versatile entertainment that includes music, dancing, and the thrill of singing your favorite songs. Whether it's a wedding, private party, or corporate event.

Media Screens

Content is king and it is so much more then having “screens” at your event. If you are interested in incoporating technology into your celebration, this feature rich enhancement is awesome..

360 Photo Booth

The all new 360 Slow Motion Video booth is a twist on the photo booth experience.  Our 360 degree spin booth videos make for an awesome party enhancement loved by all. Instant access to really cool content for you.

Aqua Fogger Low Fog Smoke Machine (NO Dry Ice or CO2 Required)

Create an enchanting, low-lying fog effect without the need for dry ice or CO2 with our Aqua Fogger Low Fog Smoke Machine. This innovative equipment produces a magical ground-hugging mist that adds an ethereal touch to your event. 

Sound System for Ceremony, Cocktails, or Reception Party

Enhance the sound quality at your ceremony, cocktails, or reception with our Sound System. We provide high-quality audio equipment to ensure that every word and musical note is heard clearly at your special event. Whether it's an intimate wedding, an elegant reception, or a lively party.

Slow-Fall Confetti Machine Rentall

Create mesmerizing moments as confetti gracefully descends, adding a touch of magic to your celebration. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or special occasion, our Slow-Fall Confetti Machine brings an enchanting experience to your festivities. 

Upcoming Services

Stay tuned for our upcoming services. Exciting experiences and top-notch entertainment are just around the corner. Get ready to elevate your event!

CO2 Blasts

Bring the impact of a Las Vegas night club into your celebration with our co2 blasts or co2 cannon. Seriously, how cool would it be to ignite your celebration with this experience? CO2 cannons rock.

Dance on Clouds

The perfect way to create a Cinderella-like moment during your first dance or any other special dance at your event or celebration. Its all about impact and this is one way to personalize your moment.

3D dance floor

Step into the future of dance floors with our mesmerizing LED Illuminated Floors. Our 3D dance floor enhances every move with vibrant colors and patterns, creating an extraordinary visual spectacle